The Player
  • Treats opponents with respect.

  • Plays hard, but plays within the rules.

  • Exercises self-control at all times, setting the example for others to follow.

  • Respects officials and accepts their decisions without gestures or argument.

  • Wins without boasting, loses without excuses, and never quits.

  • Always remembers that it is a privilege to represent the school and the community.

The Coach
  • Treats own players and opponents with respect.

  • Inspires in the athletes a love for the game and the desire to compete fairly.

  • Is the type of person he/she wants the athletes to be.

  • Disciplines those on the team who display unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Respects the judgment and interpretation of the rules by the officials.

  • Knows he/she is a teacher, and understands the athletic arena is the classroom.

The Spectator
  • Attempts to understand and be informed of the playing rules.

  • Appreciates a good play no matter who makes it.

  • Shows compassion for an injured player; applauds positive performance; does not heckle, jeer or distract players, and avoids use of profane and obnoxious language and behavior.

  • Respects the judgment and strategy of the coach, and does not criticize players or coaches for the loss of a game.

  • Respects the property of others and authority of those who administer the competition.

  • Censures those whose behavior is unbecoming.

  • Positively supports the players while allowing the volunteer coaches to do the coaching.



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